Chibson Presents: 2 Days Of Total Darkness!

Chibson Presents: 2 Days Of Total Darkness!

This ain't no April Fools joke! Chibson USA is teaming up with legendary rock band The Darkness for: 2 Days of Total Darkness For real! We actually got all of the members to agree to meet up while on their 2022 North American Motorheart Tour! After months of negotiations and assembling a competent legal team, the Chibson USA team is headed to the (practically) lawless state of Florida for 48 hours of fun!
Dan and Justin Hawkins on Stage at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco (March 2022) with the rare Chibson Jumbo Hand Pick.

Chibson USA Founder and CEO, Jason USA, had this to say about the upcoming collaboration, "With The Darkness out on the road in America, we thought it was the perfect opportunity for Chibson USA to turn our cameras onto a group that we greatly admire and attempt to offer a glimpse of one of the hardest working bands today. They're one of the rare bands that literally have no idea about our past business dealings, so that also makes it a lot easier." You may be asking yourself, "How did Chibson USA and The Darkness agree to work together?" Well, the easy answer is destiny. Chibson USA and the band have been mutual fans of each other's work for some time. Most recently, Chibson USA won the band over by sending Wild Whammy Bars, shirts, and the promise of a Jet Ski ride in Florida.


Justin Hawkins backstage at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco with the Chibson Jumbo Pick, minutes before hitting the stage.

The first meeting between Chibson USA's CEO and the The Darkness took place at San Francisco's Regency Ballroom this March, where the Chibson team managed to sneak cameras into the venue to capture footage without their knowledge or consent. Chibson USA and The Darkness are promising to be the "Event of the Season". Chibson USA plans to celebrate 2 Days of Total Darkness with up-close interviews with the members of the group as well as offering a glimpse of the band both backstage and playing live. Get all access coverage via Chibson USA's social media pages! Watch The Darkness and Chibson USA like you've never seen them before this April 11th and 12th.

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