Chibson USA visits Sweetwater Headquarters for Gearfest 2023

Chibson USA visits Sweetwater Headquarters for Gearfest 2023

Members of the infamous Chibson USA team (including Marky of Gear Dogs and Chibson CEO, Jason USA) met up in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the annual music celebration known as GearFest, taking place at Sweetwater Headquarters.

In years past, GearFest had opened their doors to the public offering an array of interactive events as well live appearances from the biggest companies and artists in the world. However, GearFest 2023 would mark a new era for the event as it was open to a more streamlined list of companies and content creators.

Somehow, the world's greatest shell company, Chibson USA made Sweetwater's cut. Both Marky and Jason USA had an opportunity to take part in the festivities which involved checking out many new instruments, gear and accessories brought to you by some of the music industries greatest companies. Not only did Marky have an opportunity for an up-close look at many of the newest guitars and pedals but was also lucky enough to fulfill one of his biggest dreams as a customer support representative at Sweetwater HQ.


Producer Shawn Dealey and Chibson's Jason USA discussing tone.

One of the biggest highlights at GearFest 2023 was for Chibson's CEO, Jason USA's opportunity to put the Chib Grip to the ultimate test by utilizing Sweetwater's studios to prove once and for all that tone foam is actually real. Sweetwater's team got their hands dirty by not only helping conduct the experiment but also weighing in on the Chib Grip's tonally capabilities. If you ever questioned tone foam then this video will shock you! For Gear Dogs fans, you are in luck because Marky also had the opportunity to tape several demos including the brand new Dunlop & Daredevil Pedals release (The Fuzz Wah) along with getting to play several guitars that were way outside of Marky's comfort zone including a Strandberg Boden NX7. Another memorable Marky moment was Marky's appearance at the Dunlop booth where he performed the first ever dunlop pick scraping contest. Marky went head-to-head with various famous Dunlop picks to give his expert opinion on which guitar pick scraped the best. You won't believe what Marky's top choice in pick scraping picks! With Chibson USA's first appearance at Sweetwater's GearFest resulting in a total success, the brand looks forward to returning to Fort Wayne again soon to provide more high quality and thrilling content for 2024. Stay tuned for more developments. Do yourself a favor and be sure to follow the Chibson USA YouTube page for all of the Sweetwater highlights.

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