Chibson USA & Dunlop join forces

Chibson USA & Dunlop join forces

Since the summer of 2020, Chibson fans and guitar enthusiasts have been waiting for the re-release of the Jumbo Hand Pick. It was during the height of the pandemic of 2020 that Chibson USA and launched a social media campaign for April Fool's Day that would take the guitar world by storm. The excitement of the Jumbo Hand Pick was contagious as many notable guitarists, including Joe Bonamassa, took to the internet to show off their skills on the over sized plectrum. After two big sales via, all of Chibson's Jumbo Picks would be sold and the world would not see any more Jumbo Picks for years to come.


Over the years, many fans sent the folks at Chibson hundreds of emails, DMs and left voicemails asking when the Jumbo Pick would return. The truth was, Chibson didn't have an answer because their initial source for Jumbo Picks dried up and every place Chibson attempted to contact turned into a dead end.

It wasn't until 2023, when Chibson met up with the folks at Dunlop to talk plectrums that the idea of Jumbo Pick would get tossed around like picks at a Cheap Trick concert.

The fine folks over at Dunlop were fond of the work that Chibson USA had done and were open to the idea of launching a signature Chibson series of Jumbo Picks. It would be up to the Chibson CEO, Jason USA, to decide on the right approach for the re-launch and re-brand of a new Jumbo Pick with Dunlop's loving assistance. With Chibson USA being responsible for hundreds and hundreds of unique designs, the decision was made to release a series of limited designs on Dunlop's thicker (and slightly smaller) Jumbo Pick technology.

Comparing Dunlop's version of the Jumbo Pick with the original, enthusiasts and collectors will discover that the new Mini Jumbo Handpick is slightly smaller (by 1 inch) however, the thickness and overall weight which makes gripping and playability far easier than with the original.


But Jumbo Picks aren't the only thing that Chibson and Dunlop are doing together. They've also teamed up to bring you signature regular sized picks including standard .

60mm Flame Logo picks as well as Chibson's super cool "Jazzz" Jazz III picks which will give you a 1990's style flashback. Some may find it odd that Chibson would release both Mini Jumbo Picks and regular picks as this contradicts Chibson USA's recent campaign siting that small picks are headed toward extinction in the coming years. Chibson's CEO has starred in a few videos and has even met up with touring musicians to alert them to an alternate to the "dying" small picks. But we wanted to give you the both of best worlds. It's uncertain if small picks will be outlawed by 2026, as Chibson's CEO professes, but one thing is certain--the union between Chibson USA and Dunlop will prove to be a powerful one long into the future!

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