'Gear Dogs with Marky' becomes Chibson's first sponsored show

'Gear Dogs with Marky' becomes Chibson's first sponsored show

In mid-2020, Chibson USA unveiled their collaboration with Daredevil Pedals by launching the brand new Placebo Pedal. Chibson unsuccessfully reached out to Mastodon’s Brent Hinds for an endorsement, but as fans know, “Brent Hinds doesn’t endorse this product” became the official company tagline.

Having been turned down by a high-profile guitarist, Chibson executives immediately turned their attention toward YouTube and the recent explosion of amateur gear experts turning into high-paid YouTube celebrities. Seeing a potentially lucrative business opportunity, Chibson CEO Jason USA scoured the internet looking for an “unknown” YouTuber with what he described as unmistakable “star power”. After several hours of research, the company announced its decision to publicly sponsor their very first internet series, “Gear Dogs” with the charismatic music vet, Marky. Marky’s specialty is well thought out and thorough gear reviews and demos. Originally hailing from the Scranton, PA area, Marky got his start working behind the counter of several local music stores while tirelessly committing to his cover band “SWEATHEART”. Things changed for Marky when he relocated to Philadelphia and began uploading honest review demos to the internet.


It was here that Marky stumbled onto the Chibson Placebo Pedal and that Chibson stumbled onto Marky. Immediately struck by Marky’s on-screen charisma, Jason USA reached out to Marky and signed him to an exclusive sponsorship deal (the first of its kind since Chibson’s inception).

"So I’m just at home sittin there , I think it was a Tuesday or something and I get a call from some weird number from California so I thought oh boy what’s this? Must be a collector or somethin so anyway I picked up and it’s this guy who says he’s from Chibson USA or somethin and he seen my videos and likes them and I guess he wants to sponsor me. So I thought well, somethin must be goin on with this guy but I ran it by my daughter n law and I guess he’s gotta a buncha followers on the internet so I said ok sounds good, bud and now the rest is history."

-Marky from Gear Dogs

Both Marky and Chibson have been hard at work growing the Gear Dogs brand and delivering informative, yet light-hearted commentary on the vast landscape of music gear.

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