Chib Challenge with Paoletti

Paoletti Guitars first to accept the 'Chib Challenge'

If you have ever read the comments section on a Chibson USA ad, you’ve undoubtedly found at least one fan hoping that the advertised instrument was already built and ready for sale. Chibson’s innovative ideas are often so inspiring that they will cause a common guitar tinkerer to shoot off at the hip and threaten to steal a design, incriminating themselves in the process.


Image of interlocking puzzle piece guitar
The B.C. Chib was the inspiration for Paoletti's Chib Challenge
Unlike other companies, at Chibson we love to see these brazen attempts at copyright infringement - and our lawyers do too. But, when the fine folks from Italy’s Paoletti Guitars reached out to Chibson’s CEO, Jason USA, with an offer to bring his duo of Warlocking Electric Guitars to life, a new promotional gimmick was born: The Chib Challenge. So far, Paoletti’s work remains highly confidential, and only this short snippet of video and few photographs have been leaked. Needless to say, fans and Chibson’s CEO alike are chomping at the bit to see what Paoletti’s final product will be. The new Chib Challenge series will premier in late November across Chibson’s social media channels. The Paoletti Chib Challenge will document the arrival and unboxing of the Warlocking Electric Guitars, and give fans an exclusive view into this handcrafted guitar maker’s approach to building one of Chibson’s most sophisticated, yet puzzling, designs. Stay tuned for more information about Paoletti’s Chib Challenge, as well as future attempts from other famous - and infamous - guitar brands.
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