Whoa! The Chibson Activity Book is here!

Whoa! The Chibson Activity Book is here!

Order the Chibson Activity Book here. In a move that has shocked everyone, the marketing and art departments at Chibson HQ have finally created a product that every fan will want to own. Designed and tested for months in the company's state-of-the art consumer psychology lab, the 48-page Chibson Activity Book is engineered to stimulate 100% of the entertainment sensors found within the average Chibson fan's brain. Initial tests showed fans to be delighted and entertained by various activities such as word searches, Mad Chibs, coloring activities, paper dolls, mazes, connect-the-dots, and more!

Flip through the book to meet familiar friends and see artifacts from the Chibson Universe including Centaurs, the Chibson CEO, and the infamous Jumbo Hand Pick. Once you finish coloring Chibson's very own Placebo Pedal, you'll find yourself saying. "It don't do nuttin'" just like Chibson USA's "Gear Dogs" star Marky.

"We're really excited about the release of the new Activity Book and we hope it brings a smile to all of the Chibson fans around the world." -Jason USA (Chibson CEO)

Chibson USA is proud to announce that Sam Ash, one of the country's largest music retailers, will be carrying the Chibson Activity Book in all US stores this holiday season. Before you click on over to the Chibson store to order one (or more) books, take 30 seconds to learn more and enjoy artwork from the Activity Book and a groovy jingle written and performed by the book's creators Jason USA and Brian Langan. You won't believe your ears, eyes, nose, OR throat when you get your hands on the brand new Chibson Activity Book! It's made for kids, adults, and adult-sized kids! Click here to get yours today!

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