Necks and bolts makes famed 90’s singer…excited!

Necks and bolts makes famed 90’s singer…excited!

At Chibson USA, we think of only one man when we think of resilience and strength.


Michael Bolton.

Inspired by the aesthetics of a Power Pop Icon, we invented an entirely new approach to Electric Guitar. For the first time in Human History, Guitar players now have the ability to play a neck bolted to a Guitar!

Originally Published August 14, 2019
This revolutionary idea blew minds and flipped wigs. When we first showed the blueprints to Michael he demanded to endorse the product. We asked him to pay us to use his likeness and he spared no expense!


We aren't greedy at ol' Chibson HQ, so we passed that good fortune on to you in the form of hardware. Every Micheal Bolt-on Model comes equipped with a slew of screws.


Our Patented bolting pattern ensures stability for up to 3 weeks.

Experiment to see how many bolts work for you! This system is completely customizable all the way to zero bolts!
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