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Flame Logo Mini Jumbo Pick (Heavy Relic)

Flame Logo Mini Jumbo Pick (Heavy Relic)

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The bigger the pick, the bigger the tone!

That's right, the Chibson Mini Jumbo Handpick is here!

Chibson USA & Jim Dunlop have teamed up to bring you the hottest guitar pick ever to be introduced to the guitar market with the brand new Chibson "Flame Logo" Mini Jumbo Pick. We all know that small picks are going extinct and the Mini Jumbo Hand Pick is here to help say "Good Riddance" with its oversized relic surface!

The Mini Jumbo pick measures in at a whopping 5" (H) x 4.20" (W). The Flame Logo Mini Jumbo Picks are printed on heavy durable black "Relic'd" plastic for that road-worn look, using Dunlop's secret formula of magic pick dust to create performance-enhancing guitar picks.
If you are looking for the ultimate tone accessory guaranteed to turn up the heat on stage, look no further than the Chibson USA "Flame Logo" Mini Jumbo Pick brought to you by Dunlop!

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