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The Humbuckle - Humbucker Style Belt Buckle

The Humbuckle - Humbucker Style Belt Buckle

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The Chibson Humbuckle is here!

After years of speculation, Chibson USA has finally made its debut into the world of functional fashion with the brand new, hand-crafted “Humbuckle” designer belt buckle. One of the most requested Chibson USA product ideas of all time, the Humbuckle offers a bold statement for any guitar player, guitar enthusiast, or music fan while doing the important work of keeping their pants up!

Though most would expect Chibson USA’s Humbuckle to be made from discarded pickup parts or cheaply cast from a mold for fast duplication, years of research and planning went into the ingenious design of this unique, limited edition, wearable art piece.

To make the Humbuckle a reality, Chibson USA’s team of expert dreamers, designers, and metalsmiths worked painstakingly to replicate the look and feel of a real Humbucker. Each Humbuckle is 100% made in the USA, machine-tooled from solid aluminum, and hand-assembled with care.

Whether you plan to give the Humbuckle as a gift or store it away for future generations, Chibson USA has you covered. Each Humbuckle ships in a custom collectors box, designed by Chibson USA founder & CEO, Jason USA.

Whether on stage, backstage, at a club, a mall, a wedding, or a divorce proceeding, the Humbuckle is the perfect accessory for any occasion where pants are required. Don’t delay and reserve yours today!

Buckle Width: 1.5" Buckle dimensions: 3.875 Length" X 1.875" Height

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