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Mini Jumbo Pick - Jazz Standard

Mini Jumbo Pick - Jazz Standard

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The lab results are in and bigger is actually better with the Chibson USA Mini Jumbo Hand Pick!

Chibson USA & Jim Dunlop have teamed up to bring you the smoothest guitar pick ever to be introduced into the guitar market with the brand new Chibson "Jazz Standard" Mini Jumbo Pick. The Jazz Standard Mini Jumbo Pick might not help with your knowledge of music theory but it will at least help to give the appearance that you know what you're doing.

The Mini Jumbo pick measure in at a whopping 5" (H) x 4.20" (W). The Jazz Standard Mini Jumbo Picks are printed on heavy durable white plastic using Dunlop's secret formula of magic pick dust to create performance enhancing guitar picks.

Even if Jazz isn't your might be now with the all new Chibson USA "Jazz Standard" Mini Jumbo Pick brought to you by Jim Dunlop!

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