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More Paul Less Paul Toggle Ring

More Paul Less Paul Toggle Ring

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It's Pauls to the wall!

Chibson's latest product is the new Less Paul / More Paul Toggle ring. (AKA Poker Chip).

Every guitarist can now take control of their playing with the new More Paul / Less Paul Toggle. When it's time for that big guitar solo and you need a little more "Paul" in your tone...Just fire up your toggle for More Paul and watch the crowd go wild.

Maybe you need to dial back the ferocity on your rig for the next Power Ballad...might as well reach for that toggle and give it a little Less Paul. Get more control with the More Paul / Less Paul toggle ring and play like a pro!*

The More Paul / Less Paul toggle comes with Chibson's exciting new custom packaging!

Choose from four exciting colorways: Black Ring with Gold Letters, Black Ring with White Letters, White Ring with Gold Letters, and White Ring with Black Letters.

The Chibson USA More Paul / Less Paul toggle rings are made from heavy-duty black fiberglass and machine-printed letters. Measures 1-1/4" Diameter.

*The More Paul / Less Paul Toggle has no effect on your guitar-playing ability.

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