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Wild Whammies - Whammy Davis Jr. (4-Ft)

Wild Whammies - Whammy Davis Jr. (4-Ft)

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Smuggled out of an undisclosed location, the Whammy Davis Jr. is your one-way ticket to the stars. Constructed of high-quality, intergalactic 303 stainless steel and measuring 48 inches, this double-looped wild whammy bar comes straight from the bright lights of the Rillilian Strip. With both 3/16″ American Standard size threading or Metric 5mm threading, screw it in and watch earth girls go wild.

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*All Wild Whammies are threaded as 3/16th inch American Standard (US) or Metric 5mm sizes (MIM/MIJ) or AVRI American Vintage Reissue (Pop-In) Please check your tremolo system dimensions before placing your order.

Measures: 7" x 13" x 6.5" Weight: 6 Ounces

Contents will include Shipping Box, Packing Material, Whammy Bar, and a Plastic Bag with 2 postcards and 1 sticker.

Check out these cool Whammy Demo videos:

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